One of the most downloaded Keyboard on Android got a beta update.

The feature is explained as follows:
Introducing: Clipboard! With this feature in our beta, you can now access text directly copied from Android or create your own custom clips. All Clipboard items can be easily accessed via the Hub, giving you control over copy and paste and make the whole process easier.

  • Remembers the snippets you’ve copied/cut for an hour
  • Copy multiple snippets without losing all but the last one you copied or cut
  • Pin the ones you want to keep for longer
  • Add your own commonly used snippets such as emails and addresses
  • Find it in the SwiftKey Hub and Settings
  • Doesn’t interfere with how Android’s copy and paste works
Well, this a great feature for someone who Types a lot on their phones and Tablets, and its currently available in beta, and soon it might get into the standard version if everything goes smoothly.

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