A few days ago Microsoft has its Annual meet, the Build 2017. Here is the Top 7 Announcements.

500 Million Windows 10 Users.
All the aggressive Windows 10 campaign worked out as Windows 10 is currently been used in more than 500 Million devices. Again, the of actual Windows Users is even higher as many companies and Individuals still uses the Older versions of Windows.

Linux on Windows
Now you dont need to have a Dual boot system or Virtuals Machines as Ubuntu itself is coming to Windows Store.

Cosmos DB
Cosmos is brand new database tool created by Microsoft.

HP’s Cortana Speaker
Google Home, Amazon Alexa, now Microsoft's Cortana joins the party as HP announces a Smart Speaker with similar concept. The company is set to launch Cortana-based device in near future.

Visual Studio for MAC
Well, Now you can start building Native Windows apps as well as Mac Apps von Microsoft Visual Studio even if your a Mac user.

iTunes coming to Windows Store
Dont be surprised as iTunes is finally coming to Windows Store.

Windows Timeline
Now your Windows Machines is smarter with Windows Timeline, Works similar to Mac continuum, the TaskView has evolved and with help of Cortana you can now view your history of Work done on Windows PC, and when your switch from PC to a Lap or any Windows device, cortana gives you suggestion whether to continue the Work, and the Whole project is pull on to the new device via Cloud.
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