In a world were android is at top of the Mobile operating system, where google owns android, does it really required to have a competition ? well, for google its different. Google have been mysteriously developing a new operating system for Mobile dubbed Fuchsia OS, and how it might look like in future was shown off in a video. Gone the grid based App icons for a more card based layout (Armadillo UI) for apps, kinda like how Google Now is! but, that isnt the interesting part, it is quite visible from the video that this isnt any other operating system, it a re-imagination of the current and focus more on the future.
At the moment its very early at its developing state, But the core is visible as Fuchsia is has an amazing vision of Multitasking, While android is build on Linux kernel, Fuchsia uses Google's own Magenta Micro kernel and Google's own programming language. It is distributed as free and open-source software under a mix of software licenses, including BSD 3 clause, MIT, and Apache 2.0.

Considering its Futuristic approach and Google's vision parallel to what android is, Fuchsia could possibly replace Android for Fuchsia as Google's main mobile OS. however, considering Android took 5 years in development Fuchsia may not hit the Consumer market anytime soon. Even if it did in a Market saturated with Android phones and vast library of Android Apps would and could Fuchsia make a Difference ? only time will tell.
You can checkout Fuchsia OS on GitHub.

source: Youtube Kyle Bradshaw, BGR
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